Haber ve duyuru için

General Features

General Specifications;

·           Transformers are ordered in single or three phases.

·           Ideal Transformer uses mineral oil with or without additives in its production. If requested, incombustible oil is also used.

·           Transformers;

Natural cooling (ONAN) and Forced cooling (ONAN/ONAF) are used in production.

It is produced hermetically with an expansion tank open to the atmosphere, closed to the atmosphere, or with a gas cushion.

It is produced with a no-load tap changer or an on-load tap changer.

It is produced with a cable box or protection box.

It is produced with a porcelain insulator or plug-in bushing.

Technical Specifications;

·           Copper or aluminum is used as conductors in low-voltage windings.

·           Windings are produced from sheet or rectangular paper or Nomex insulated wire.

·           If the windings are made of sheet, shellac paper (DDP) with increased base strength and coated with resin is used as layer insulation.

·           In high-voltage windings, copper or aluminum conductors are used depending on the customer's request.

·           Due to the strip insulation paper (kraft or thermally improved shellac) layer insulation is formed in the form of a wedge.

·           The special structure of the layer insulation increases the resistance against the impact voltage; It helps to form gapless, solid, and excellent-quality coils.