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Oil Purification (filtration) Device

IDEAL Transformer manufactures oil purifiers with a capacity between 500 l/h-10000 l/h.

Our oil purifiers with flow adjustment, PLC control, moisture meter, and stainless body are designed as fixed type, roller type (partly portable), or trailer type according to customer preference.

Our 2-year guaranteed oil purifiers, produced in high quality and workmanship compared to their counterparts, work without any problems in various points of our country.

If the breakdown voltage of the insulating oil is below the limit value as a result of the tests, it must be disposed of.

Transformer oil is heated with an oil purifier and dried by spraying under a vacuum.

In the meantime, the oil is filtered and cleaned from the sediments in it.

The life of the transformer is extended due to the oil being free from moisture, particles, and dissolved gases.

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